Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Whaleman and Other Sea-Songs: New Bedford History

Scarce pamphlet, large grey cover with black writing, staplebound. Contents: Photo of Spollon, Intro, photo of the statue, The Whaleman, and 13 other poems. Published as a souvenir for the 1913 unveiling of the statue of the Whaleman on the grounds of the Free Public Library to the City of New Bedford, on June 20, 1913. Illustrates the power of poetry. In 1903 Spollon published the poem 'The Whaleman' in the Boston magazine 'Fiber and Fabric', first suggesting the Whaleman statue: 'Yet I heartily wish his old shape could be seen, In marble or bronze, mounted here on the green...For in this town he'll soon be a stranger.' Though a popular idea, the city of New Bedford had other priorities for its expenditures. In 1913 private citizen William W. Crapo commissioned and donated the statue to New Bedford.
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