Sunday, September 11, 2016

.Poems by Gertrude Alger

Miss Gertrude Alger was a very young poet of merit, who produced some graceful and finished poems. Born in Yarmouthport, Massachusetts on May 19, 1868, she died October 25, 1889, at the age of twenty-one. These poems were arranged by her mother. This memorial volume is Gertrude's only published work. Poems are presented by year of composition 1882-1888. One or two of her poems found their place in late nineteenth century collections of contemporaneous poetry.

1885 poem titled:

Summer Rain

Spirits of the summer shower,
Tiptoeing from flower to flower,
Here and there, and everywhere,
tripping! tripping!
In between the petals fair
Of the blossoms, slipping, slipping!
Dancing over
Rosy beds of nodding clover!
And I hear - or is it fancy?
All the garden flowers dipping,
Swaying, tipping;
Every rose and purple pansy
Curtsying, now here, now there,
Light as air;
Bending low its pretty head
'Neath the shower-spirits' tread.

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